North Shore Advisors is prepared to assist you in resolving threats to you and your family. Such threats include issues of basic physical security necessitated by persons with high profile lifestyles and specific threats against both adults and children. In a society that is increasingly marked by a tendency to vilify its most successful members, North Shore can help to ensure the durability of the secure comfort that you have earned. 

We are prepared to respond immediately to threats against you and your children, in the United States and abroad. Threats arise in many forms, a child involved with undesirable companions, cult involvement, a college student in a deteriorating living arrangement, your neighborhood is a more frequent target of criminal activity, your child is victim of destructive bullying, and etc. Whenever possible, we work closely with appropriate law enforcement officials.

‚ÄčOur geographic reach is extensive and includes the Americas, Europe, former Soviet bloc nations, sub Saharan Africa, and most of Asia. Our team is made up of people seasoned by service in the military and security services of the United States and its allies and by service in federal and state law enforcement agencies. We are tempered by higher education in accounting, law, psychology, and the social sciences.

About North Shore Advisors

The principals of North Shore Advisors are Rolf G. Katzenstein and Harold C. Copus. Mr. Katzenstein is a graduate of the University Of Wisconsin School Of Law and a former member of the United States Marine Corps. Mr. Copus is a graduate of the University of Alabama and a C.P.A. He is a former Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of investigation. Together they have over fifty years of experience managing and resolving threats against individuals, businesses, and physical assets.