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  • Residential security surveys
  • Personal security at public events
  • Personal security while traveling abroad
  • Assistance with direct threats to you and/or family members
  • Assistance with bullying & cyber-bulling
  • Parental kidnapping & custody battle assistance

If you or a family member need help immediately, please contact our team of dedicated security professionals. Assistance is available 24/7.


Include a contact name and phone number so that one of our security professionals can make immediate contact. 

North Shore Advisors, LLC, is prepared to assist you in resolving threats to you and your family. Such threats include issues of basic physical security necessitated by persons with high profile lifestyles and specific threats against both adults and children. In a society that is increasingly marked by a tendency to vilify its most successful members, North Shore can help to ensure the durability of the secure comfort that you have earned.

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